New Open Images release v.1.2

Open Images released a new version of its media management and transcoding platform. Together with the new release the Open Images website was updated with a bit revamped user interface and other new features like a the download API.
OIP v.1.2 is based on the recently released version 1.9.6 of MMBase.

Fri 27 Jul 2012 / André / 0 comments

Main new features include a new API to post media into the platform while users are being authenticated with an API token. The API first featured during the Celluloid Remix contest and enabled users to have the Open Images platform download media for them from other sources, in this case the remixer. Authentication is done with an encrypted API token.

Improved portal editors

Search content, drag, drop and order it to put it in place Drag and drop editors

Most improvements have been done in the editors that are used by portal managers. Other features included a revamped user interface, a new field 'hasform' to describe the originale media source, true transaction support (with MySQL InnoDB), portal editors, a 'keep me logged in' feature etc.


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Dit is de zoveelste incarnatie van mijn website wie nieuwsgierig is kan de

oudere 'recente' wijzigingen bekijken.

En ik heb hier een pagina waarop ik nieuwe en oudere versies van my_editors verzamel.