MMBase 1.9 released

This release adds functionality for component based development to MMBase. Components are applications or pieces of functionality that can be used in very different MMBase environments like Didactor or CMSC as long as the component framework is implemented.

Tue 4 Nov 2008 / André / 0 comments

MMBase ships with a basic implementation of its framework, all administration pages are now component based and feature an urlfilter to beautify links. Components can be easily installed, like this example:

<mm:component name="mynews" />

Which adds the well know MyNews example to your webpage: a magazine with some articles complete with some userfriendly and search engine optimized urls.


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Dit is de zoveelste incarnatie van mijn website wie nieuwsgierig is kan de

oudere 'recente' wijzigingen bekijken.

En ik heb hier een pagina waarop ik nieuwe en oudere versies van my_editors verzamel.